Instant Message Anxiety

Stiu ca am mai scris odata despre asta, dar se pare ca e o tema  – si o teama – recurenta.

Nu-mi place deloc sa vorbesc pe messenger. Si totusi se pare ca o fac zilnic. La lucru, acasa. Daca n-as face-o, probabil as pierde de tot „legatura” cu oamenii cu care mai pastrez legatura cat de cat.

Ajung insa foarte des la un sentiment de frustrare, cand imi dau seama ca de cele mai multe ori cuvintele pe care le tastam sunt goale, nu reusesc sa ne apropie catusi de putin, ba din contra. Neintelegerile sunt la ele acasa, cand cineva scrie ceva si, cu toate emoteicon-urile disponibile, nu reuseste sa transmita tonul in care a spus ce-a spus. Si de-aici – numai in jos.

Iar Buzz-ul cu care multi isi incep „conversatia” are ca efect direct un zid ce se ridica in jurul meu, odata cu tensiunea. Si stiti cum e cand in secunda imediat urmatoare a primului buzz apare si al doilea? Da da, stiu…il merit, daca n-am raspuns ‘instant’.

Cineva a folosit, cu ceva timp in urma, un termen care mi se pare foarte potrivit pentru „vorbitu’ pe mess” si anume „low level communication„.

Ok, ce voiam de fapt e sa dau copy-paste la un text gasit acu vreo doua luni. In ziua aia am pus link-ul la status, la mess (ce ironic!) si l-am tinut acolo vreo 2 zile…in caz ca vi se pare cunoscut. Parca ar fi fost mai bine sa inchid mess-ul, dar atunci cum as fi impartasit fobia mea?

Instant Message Anxiety

If Instant Messaging is supposed to be fun, why does it make me so nervous?  There’s way too much pressure.  I’ll be busy doing something important, like looking up Hall & Oates on Wikipedia, when all of a sudden there’s a DING!  „DING!  Hey, I want to talk to you and you have to respond NOW!  It’s called INSTANT messaging, so message me back in an instant!”

Stop rushing me, dammit!

You see, I’m a neurotic writer with a mild case of OCD.  If you send me an email, I will write back with a witty, carefully planned out response.  But if we just chat back and forth, it’s just going to be a lot of slop.  We might as well just be talking on the phone at that point and talking on the phone is already bad enough.

Then there’s that awkward moment when the IM conversation has played out.  You’ve asked what I’m up to tonight, I say not much, you say you’re also not doing much, then there’s a two minute lull.  Now what?  I could try to end things by saying, „Well, I guess I should get going,” but that’s a lie.  I don’t have to get going.  I have nothing to do, and you know it because I just told you.  The only thing to do is leave the chat open while nobody says anything, providing further proof of my lack of virtual conversation skills.

When you take into account AIM, g-chat, facebook chat, myspace chat and iChat, I feel like I’m suffering the wrath of a social networking blitzkrieg (my computer screen being Poland).  Can everyone consolidate their chat function already?

There’s also the times someone attempts to start a chat with me, but I’ve been away from my keyboard for two hours.  I think chat etiquette says I’m supposed to have some sort of „away from keyboard” message, but I shouldn’t have to tell people whenever I get up to use the bathroom or watch TV.  And yet, there you are, waiting hours for a response that never comes, making me look like the jerk.

Occasionally a good IM conversation will occur, but what’s the point?  Chances are you’re probably someone I see on a regular basis, but the next time I see you, there’ll be nothing to say.  All the good stuff was covered in the chat.  It’s not worth it the hassle.  My point is, someone needs to make a pill that treats IM Anxiety Hopefully it’ll be relentlessly advertised on television and have a name like „Messagia.”

Autor: Matt Manser

P.S.: Daca v-a placut ce-a scris tipu asta, aici mai e un articol scris tot de el, despre „first commenters”.


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  1. Posted by gabi83tm on 10/05/2009 at 6:27 pm



  2. Posted by liana on 10/05/2009 at 7:39 pm

    totaaal de acord. ca si webcam-ul, Im-ul isi gaseste utilitatea cand suplineste o alta forma de comunicare, indisponibila. Ca de exemplu cu un prieten plecat in Canada, cand tu esti in Romania. Intind coarda pana la telefonul mobil, de care ne servim ca arma de terorizare a aproapelui (bipuri, sms-uri, verificari) mai mult decat ca accesoriu de stabilire a unei iesiri la bere, de pilda.


  3. Good one Gab! :)

    Exceptand work eu nu stau pe mess… si cateodata nici la lucru nu stau… pentru ca nu am chef… cine vrea sa dea de mine are nr. meu de tel sau imi trimite un email! Cu toate ca ma folosesc f. mult de mess… nu prea ma incanta. A inceput sa imi placa twitter in schimb. Il folosesc sa aflu stiri si informatie noua de la persoanele pe care le urmaresc.


  4. Ok ok . LIFe Is MESS :))


  5. Posted by Radu on 14/10/2009 at 2:23 pm

    raspuns intarziat :)) – solutia ideala, multi-protocol.


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